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1 Iwadeyama Miyagi Pref. 2 Murata Miyagi Pref. 3 Kakunodate Akita Pref. 4 Yuzawa Akita Pref. 5 Tanagura Fukushima Pref. 6 Tochigi Tochigi Pref. 7 Ashikaga Tochigi Pref. 8 Sano Tochigi Pref. 9 Ogawa Saitama Pref. 10 Ranzan Saitama Pref. 11 Koga Ibaraki Pref. 12 Kamo Niigata Pref. 13 Johana Toyama Pref. 14 Gujo Hachiman Gifu Pref. 15 Mori Shizuoka Pref. 16 Nishio Aichi Pref. 17 Iga Ueno Mie Pref. 18 Kyoto Kyoto Pref. 19 Tamba Sasayama Hyogo Pref. 20 Izushi Hyogo Pref. 21 Tatsuno Hyogo Pref. 22 Nakamura Kochi Pref. 23 Aki Kochi Pref. 24 Kurayoshi Tottori Pref. 25 Matsue Shimane Pref. 26 Tsuwano Shimane Pref. 27 Tsuyama Okayama Pref. 28 Takahashi Okayama Pref. 29 Onomichi Hiroshima Pref. 30 Yamaguchi Yamaguchi Pref. 31 Hagi Yamaguchi Pref. 32 Asakura Fukuoka Pref. 33 Ogi Saga Pref. 34 Yamaga Kumamoto Pref. 35 Hita Oita Pref. 36 Kitsuki Oita Pref. 37 Nichinan Miyazaki Pref. 38 Chiran Kagoshima Pref.
About All Japan Kyoto Committee
 The All Japan Kyoto Committee was launched in May 1985. It was started with Kyoto and twenty-six cities and towns all around Japan which were called "Little Kyoto" at that time.
The goal of the committee is for Kyoto and associated cities/towns to cooperate with one another and publicize their rich historical and cultural attractions. As a result, the city's image and its attraction to tourists will be enhanced.
The city or town belonging to the All Japan Kyoto Committee fulfill at least one of the following points:

1) The City/Town has natural scenery, townscapes or structures which are similar to Kyoto
2) The City/Town has an historical connection with Kyoto
3) The City/Town has traditional industry and a folk entertainment culture

As of April 2023, thirty-eight cities and towns belonged to the committee. The member cities and towns address the broad area of tourism promotion together, such as by producing and distributing brochures and posters. Additionally, the committee holds an annual general assembly, hosted by one of the member cities or towns in turn.

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